Jul 01, 2021

5 Tips Which Will Help You Get Things Done at Work Even on Bad Days

5 Tips Which Will Help You Get Things Done at Work Even on Bad Days 

Being productive is important when trying to build a business. After all, what you’re trying to achieve is more than just trying to get a paycheck. Completed projects affect the progress of your business strategy and the growth of your company. A work management tool like Asana is perfect for executing and tracking your workload and progress and even allows you to collaborate with others depending on the project.


With Asana you can manage your projects, set your company goals, plan meetings with your team, brainstorm and record ideas and manage all your content pieces and deadlines in the calendar. This tool is versatile and can be incorporated into all types of businesses and projects from product launches, student coursework, services and sales to non-profit organizations. Keep track of every task you have set for yourself and your team while still being able to expand on specific points within subtasks. Build on your projects, assign and delegate, get approvals, incorporate attachments and so much more all within this work management tool. Start strategizing with Asana.

Sometimes, though, you may have less than stellar days. One thing after another derails your concentration, and the next thing you know, you’ve spent the entire day jumping from task to task and never seeming to make progress on anything. Thankfully, Asana has the ability to help your micro-manage yourself to stay on track with what you need to accomplish for the day. Assign subtasks to your main task for that day, no matter how minuscule, and work towards ticking them off. Focus on one thing at a time.

Believe it or not, it is possible to plan for distractions and train yourself to stay focused. Try these tips: 

Start Fresh 

A clear workspace is imperative for a focused mind. Clutter distracts you subconsciously and that, in turn, derails your thought processes and you become distracted with either the things around you or trying to tidy up. Before sitting down be sure your workspace is clean and tidy for a more focused workday.

Say No 

Don’t let anyone add unnecessarily to your pile, especially on bad days. Stick to your projects and feel free to say no to things that would be an unnecessary distraction. If you’re asked to do something you really can’t say no to, ask the person assigning the task the priority, so you don’t feel torn between two things. 

Pay Attention to the Details 

Details most times more or break a project. Pay attention. If you are unable to do that at the moment when new information is presented or a distraction is occurring while working, be sure to either make a note to go back when your time is open and you are able to fully absorb or prioritize your tasks within Asana so that nothing gets missed or lost while multitasking.


When working on your main project you should be sure to prioritize your attention to just that task. In that designated time you set for this task, ignore everything else and spend the time needed on that specific task. This practice will help you to see tangible progress more clearly.

Protect Your Work Time 

Turn off your phone, ignore social media, tell your co-workers you can’t be interrupted. Sometimes you need uninterrupted time to work if you want to reach your goal.   

In the end, achieving your goals efficiently is entirely based on the boundaries you set in your workspace. Set your time, stick to your time, act intentionally.

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