Who We Are

About Our Consulting

Our business was built off of the need for a more streamlined approach to small/medium business development. Our tasks are scaled to the size of your company and we customize your experience with your set goals and requirements.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help consolidate and simplify the elements needed for the build and success of new and growing businesses.

Our Vision

The Growth and Development of Small/Medium Businesses and Phenomenal Customer Service.

What We Can Do

We can help your growing business become more efficient in its operations and aid in team building and management.

Our Work Process

How We Work?

Includes Planning Strategy & Execution, Client’s Satisfaction

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    How We Work

    With a free consultation, we aim to assess your company’s needs and your goal for your business build.

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    Planning Strategy & Execution

    Based on your current business needs, we meticulously go through, plan, build and customize your setups specifically suited for your needs. Once the plan is finalized, our team proceeds in the execution of their roles and ensure a successful outcome.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    Our biggest priority is customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure that our clients are comfortable and well informed on all processes. We are available for questions and our agents are ready and qualified to meet the needs of your company.

Customer Support Services

Includes Customer Service Agents, Quality Assurance Services, Dispute Management Services, and More.

Zendesk Services

Includes Zendesk Support, Sell & Guide.

Trainual Services

You will be able to customize your program to suit the needs of your team and your growing business.

Constant Contact

Constant contact is a program designed to market your company and keep your customers on their toes with your content.

Affiliate Partnerships

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    Customer service success program. Merge all your consumer data and communications.

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    Constant Contact

    Affordable marketing management. Keep in contact with all your customers and potential market all from one dashboard.

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    Create an easy and accessible training program and database for your team members. It’s customizable and can be sized specifically to your needs.

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    A multichannel program that allows for your customer service and marketing needs.

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    Stay on top of your workload solely or with your team and keep your projects organized and on track.

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