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The building blocks for any great business model are Customer Service, Team Building, Training, and Marketing. At A Gratton’s Edge Inc we help customize a plan for your business needs. Here you will be able to learn about our partnership with Zendesk and how it best can work for you. From answering calls to live chat, Zendesk enables your team to communicate with your customers and their needs, while simultaneously allowing your business to build its own customer database. We help install your software and train your service team to handle whatever customer load that may come their way with your growth as an entity.

While you’re here let’s talk Team Building and Training! We’ve built a partnership with Trainual which would create a solid foundation for your crew, and ease the transition of incoming staff or updated protocols within your company. Think of it as an all-access manual designed specifically for your team, your company, and its needs. The grease to your well-oiled machine. With Trainual your staff would be able to draw reference to protocols, old and updated alike, and with incoming members, there wouldn’t be a need to sacrifice work time training, as there would be an existing hardcopy to follow. A Gratton’s Edge Inc aim’s to make the ease of business operations as efficient as possible for the establishment as well as the customer or client.

That’s right your customer. Without them, most businesses would struggle or fail. They are somewhat the proverbial currency of entrepreneurship. A big part of building a brand is forming a partnership with your customers. But how?.. Marketing. Keeping in touch with your base enables you to feel out where their wants and needs join. A Gratton’s Edge Inc has the “edge” up on that with our partnership with Constant Contact. With Constant Contact, you can schedule posts, interact with your business socials, run email campaigns, send email blasts about upcoming sales or new coming products from one nifty program. Stay engaged with your audience while developing your service or product with their feedback from surveys. Who better than your customers to tell you?

A Gratton’s Edge Inc was started on customer service and we consider ourselves gurus in the field. We consist of a team of well-experienced customer service agents aimed at helping you succeed. We are able to review your existing customer service infrastructure and aid in its improvement and optimization. It’s only up from here.

Welcome to A Gratton’s Edge Inc.

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