Feb 23, 2021

Self-Service Plus

Your Customers Deserve a Smarter Self-Service

It’s the 4th of July holiday weekend! Celebrations are at every corner of the neighborhood. Some business owners don’t always have the luxury of completely unplugging or giving all employees days off without thinking about the impact it may have on their customers happiness.

Have you ever thought about adding an AI chatbot to your customer journey in order to help with this concern? If not, now is the time to start.

Trust me I know what you may be thinking! How much will it cost? Is there any programming involved? Where do I start?

The answer is quite simple – Zendesk Answerbot! It is deployed in just minutes, easy to use, focuses on the business impact, and is seamless integration.

Chatbot technology is all the rage, so having a bot powered by AI Content Cues requires zero upfront training, is ready to go in minutes, and compared to other similar AIs, is powered by millions of interactions, is a no brainer.

You can build trust by enabling your customers to feel empowered. Let them find an answer to a question whilst casually browsing your website after hours, without having to comb through your FAQs. Don’t let one question stand between them and their purchase.

Answer Bot can help your customer help themself. Independence of this level can improve your customer satisfaction, agent productivity and reduce support costs. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

photo courtesy of Zendesk all rights reserved

Customers can ask a question through select Zendesk channels (email, chat, web widget, API, SDK, web forms, etc), Answer Bot uses its powerful deep learning model to find relevant articles in Guide, and ticket is solved or routes to an agent.

Let’s face it! Self-Service isn’t just beneficial to your customers but also a cost-saving benefit to you. Learn more about Answer Bot and see how Zendesk is offering the Smarter Self-Service Option. Click to receive your free Answerbot Guide.

Then continue to enjoy the Holiday weekend!

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