Customer Support Services

``Includes Customer Service Agents, Quality Assurance Services, Dispute Management Services and More``

Your Customer Service all-inclusive brand.

In our experience, customer service is one of the most prominent driving forces behind a successful business. Being ready to predict your customers and their needs, along with answering their questions and solving their issues in a timely manner, most times speaks more to the customer above whatever goods or services you are offering.

Great service is tantamount to building the brand you dream of, but sometimes that may be derailed when there are multiple wheels spinning at the same time. It’s hard to micromanage and still produce. A Gratton’s Edge Inc will take that burden off of you. We have agents who are already trained and experienced in the customer service field ready and dedicated to customer fulfilment.

We also offer Quality Assurance Assessment, wherein we assure that the quality requirements of your company are maintained and achieved for maximum success or output according to your product or service(s) offered, as well as provide Dispute Management, ensuring smooth transitions in the event there is a dispute or query.

Select Your Package

Customer Service Agents

  • Up to 8hrs per day starting at $14/hr/agent
  • Up to 5hrs per day starting at $15/hr/agent
  • Up to 2hrs per day starting at $16/hr/agent

Team Leads/Management

  • Up to 5hrs starting at 18/hr/agent
  • Up to 8hrs starting at 16/hr/agent


Admin Support for Executive Coach/Corporate Trainer

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