Freshwork Setup & Optimization Services

``Includes Freshdesk, Freshsales and more``

Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite

Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite is a comprehensive program created for the ease of customer care, service and satisfaction. The platform manages the communication avenues between businesses and customers with the help of their agents to address all questions and concerns. Be it call support, chat, email or messaging, Freshdesk has it all covered.

We help Integrate, Optimize, Training, Managed Services


FreshMarketer is designed to stay in the present view of current and potential customers. With Freshmarketer your business can boost visibility through targeted marketing strategies and campaigns. Link socials and other high traffic platforms to your marketer to be able to track the steps of your likely clientele to form leads on their needs in which your business can explore to further boost potential revenue. Whether it be email campaigns, chat or SMS notifications, FreshMarketer will help build customer relationships and enable you to personalize and scale interactions to upsell and cross-sell.

FreshSales Suite

FreshSales Suite is a comprehensive program that merges marketing and sales to bring about strong leads and help build on existing ones to close deals. This program is customizable to suit the needs of your business from custom sales activities to multicurrency and language. With FreshSales Suite staying in touch with your leads and customers is a breeze from the phone, to emails, to SMS and chat. Automate your marketing and respond in a timely way. Build landing pages and gather data from site visits while tracking the footprints of existing and potential clientele to boost your sales margin while simultaneously gathering data to learn what your customers require from your service. FreshSales Suite is the choice for efficiency in sales/ marketing success.


Freshteam was created for a fast-growing business with limited HR resources. This program enables the business to take the pressure off of the HR department if one exists and implements it in the event it doesn’t. With FreshTeams you can decrease your hire time with easy one-click postings to job boards, attract, interview and hire new applicants with the ease of the service.

The onboarding procedure is seamless with easy screening, dissemination of forms or documents for the process as well as distribution of handbooks.

Track employee turnover, retention and productivity all in one place while being able to keep up with employee time off, company policies and workflows.

Freshteam creates an employee database which in turn allows for a self-service system where employees can log in their time off and update their profiles.

With Freshteam the aim is for transactional ease between employee and employer and the smooth run of a blooming business.

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