Apr 04, 2021

The New Zendesk Support Suite 2020

A Support Suite that provides the Full-Service Experience

As a Zendesk Administrator, helping clients configure Zendesk Family of Products for the last 6 yrs, I’ve always been guaranteed one thing with Zendesk, Change. This change is always on the side of improvement. They listen to their customer feedback and adjust accordingly.

With that, they’ve brought forth the new Support Suite for 2020. They made the shift from a “Better Together” package to the “Elevate the Conversation” experience.

Zendesk understands that as consumers, we typically prefer live chat to a phone call, and self-service to an email exchange. We want real-time communication and the ability to help ourselves.

This evolving Suite is the new omnichannel for businesses. Offering the option to scale. The sky is the limit to customer happiness and Zendesk gives you the tools you need to make that happen.

If you haven’t tried the Suite yet for your business, now is the time. Build something beautiful with an edge.

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