Jan 04, 2022

Trainual Post the Holiday Season

Let’s face it, the last two years have been really tough ones. We’ve all had to get used to working remotely and juggling our work and home life in the same space. It’s not an easy feat especially when you’re trying to run a small business or a startup. Life has now started shifting towards a semblance of normalcy and the holidays were booming, which meant lots of holiday jobs and new hires to manage the heavy workload that came with the season. So much to do and so little time, especially since we are now jumping back headfirst into the deep end of the pool with so many new regulations attached to our already existing regular SOPs.

How do you social distance or maintain a partially remote work environment when your new hires need to be trained in a period where time is of the essence and no manpower to spare?

Trainual to grow you must let go

We discovered Trainual sometime ago and our lives have completely changed since. Imagine a virtual library where all your company’s operatio’ns, legal, mission, internal/external processes, policies, company hierarchy, shipping procedures etc, were all documented for current and newly onboarded staff to draw reference to or self-train, while still being able to update them in realtime as your business grows. Marvelous

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