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Welcome to your All-In-One Customer Success Solutions Consultant

Starting a new company is one of the most exciting yet intimidating decisions an individual can part take in. At its base, customer satisfaction is one of the core foundations of success in business. This is where we come in. At A Gratton’s Edge our team will assist you with:

  • Finding the best technological solutions for your business needs
  • Affordable implementation and training
  • Building and optimizing workflow
  • Sourcing talent for your service team
  • Surveying your customer service journey for redesign

Creating and scaling a solid customer success team can be daunting. We can help. Schedule a free consultation today!

Exactly how your customers should see you

Customer Excellence is the cornerstone of any successful enterprise. We are here to provide you with premium customer care packages.

How do you know what you need?

  • Volume of contacts
  • Current Team
  • Hours of operations
  • Number of contact channels
  • Training timeline

With a free consultation, we can work with you on your needs immediately.

Services to take advantage of

Customer-centric and tech-savvy, we offer programs directly related to the growth of SMBs while staying within their budget.

Each program brings value to different aspects of the business.

All programs start with a free trial. We encourage you to take advantage and see if it’s the right fit for your business. We are here 100% of the way to help with implementation and onboarding. Totally dedicated to helping you grow.

Our Services

Brick by brick we are here to help you build.

Process Improvement & Development

Streamline your current process or develop more efficient ones. Review, optimize, document, and implement process improvement based on your business needs.

Customer Success Team Building

Recruitment, Onboarding, Full Training, and periodic Quality review (QA) of team members to effectively support your business. Saving you hundreds of hours sifting through to find the right person for your team. If they turn out not to be a good fit, we will replace them at no additional cost of retraining.

Zendesk Implementation

An inbox is an okay start when you only have a handful of customers, but once customer base increase, being able to easily keep track of their interaction with the team. Zendesk, the champion of Customer Success is the best option. We affordably implement, optimize and provide ongoing support.


Your current team is amazing! Now you want to make sure that all positions can be automated to train any incoming hire on all processes and software that you utilize. We can implement and develop a superb training program with our Trainual Certified team members that will save you hours and an additional training resource.

Social Media Management

Brand awareness is big when it comes to servicing your current customers and targeting new ones. You want to create content in line with your brand voice often just not too often. We utilize Constant Contact to simplify social media management with the biggest ROI.

Dispute Management

Handling fraudulent transactions is becoming a huge issue for most small businesses. Chargebacks take quite a bit of time to handle manually and your company can suffer creditability issues if not handled in a timely manner. Let us walk you through an automated process, where you wouldn’t need too many touchpoints or human resources to handle.

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Why Choose Us?

We at A Gratton’s Edge Inc have worked tirelessly for over a decade in the customer service and marketing field, and have been afforded the unique position of both sides of the coin as a small business and a service agent. We understand your needs and are eager to help you address them!

  • Prompt Response Time
  • High Quality of Work
  • Experienced Team Members
  • Affordable Setups and Training Programs
  • Customer Support Agents Available
  • One Stop for Branding and Service Needs
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