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Your One-Stop Shop for All Business Needs

We strive to be the best customer oriented brand, that not only takes our customer's needs into consideration but also act as a strategic business partner, who provides tactfully crafted solutions for your business growth using reputable technology.  At A Gratton's Edge Inc we help you with:

--> Finding the best technological solutions
--> Improving your business online presence
--> Affordable Launch, Refining and Training of Platforms
--> Building and optimizing processes Enhancing your customer journey

Awesome Integration & Optimization Offerings

We take away the burden of managing the day to day business operations off your shoulders. As your business partner, we help you understand what platforms will work for your business needs and make your life easier. Not sure what you need?

--> High volume of contacts with multiple channels
--> Current Team’s lack of resources and availability
--> Extended new hire and onboarding training timeline
--> Too many moving pieces

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Experience Ultimate Business Growth

We aim to achieve perfection by offering the most novel solutions to our clients through a collaborative and trustworthy relationship. Going beyond conventional ideas by offering creative solutions to amplify your business growth and ensuring you’re in good hands.

--> Zendesk Support – Customer Support Unified Communication Hub
--> Bitrix24 - All-in-One Business Hub (CRM, HR, Sales & Marketing)
--> Simple Practice - practice management system that provides you with a platform to ease the business-related aspects of private practice
--> Housecall Pro - All-in-One field service management app for Home Services Pros. 
--> Trainual & Whale.io– Process Documentation & Automated Team Onboarding/Training
--> Aircall - modern cloud based phone system which integrates with tools like Zendesk.
--> Constant Contact – Marketing Automation, Management & Simplified Online Presence
--> NiceJob - Social proof using your reviews to automate your marketing, drive more website traffic and boost your sales.

By bringing together the right tools and  an exceptional team that can offer you results.

Our Partners

Our Services

Customer Service Solutions

An inbox is an okay start when you only have a handful of customers, but once customer base increase, being able to easily keep track of their interaction with the team. Zendesk, the champion of Customer Success is the best option. We affordably implement, optimize and provide ongoing support.

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Business Systemization

Having siloed systems can reek havoc on your productivity and your pocket. How about compiling all systems in one, which an inclusive suite of products that can help you run your business. A united workspace - here in comes Bitrix24. Collaboration, Work Management, CRM, HR & Automation, Sites & Stores. Click to claim your FREE CRM Today!

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Sales Automation

Sales Engagement and automation is all the rage. You want your Sales people to do more selling easily. With multichannel outreach, outbound sales automations, prospect tracking, reports, and more, Sales automation should be complete. We've partnered with Outplay to affordably help your sales team automate using enterprise level software at transparent pricing.

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Training & SOP Refinement

Your current team is amazing! Now you want to make sure that all new hire training can be automated. They are well versed on all processes and platforms that your business utilizes. We can integrate and refine a superb training program with Trainual and our Certified team members who can save you hours in onboarding and having an additional training resource.

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Private Practice Automation

A practice management systems can provide you with a platform to ease the business-related aspects of private practice. It can help you manage all the extra tasks related to managing your patients and lets you focus on treating them with added peace of mind. Go virtual with your private practice and work from anywhere you like with a platform like Simple Practice.

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Home Service Pro Technology

As a Home Service professional, constantly being on the go, you need a solution to seamlessly run simplify and grow your business. With Housecall Pro, you get all the features you need to Streamline & Scale, including Money Management and Customer Service in one. The bonus is, we can help you transform your current operation into Housecall Pro affordably.

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Cloud-based phone system

AirCall is the modern phone system built for businesses. Transform customers experiences with the IT-approved cloud call center solution for sales and support teams. Instant setup. Powerful integrations. Proven quality.

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Reputation Management

Reputation management is always a great way to increase sales and improve the trust of your brand. We've partnered with NiceJob to help automate this process. Get reviews from your current clients or send review requests to past customers.

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Why Choose Us

We're committed to your growth, providing scalable and sustainable solutions that adapt to your evolving needs. With a focus on customer-centric approaches, cutting-edge technology, and a passion for excellence, we're here to fuel your journey towards success. Explore our array of services and discover how A Gratton's Edge Inc can sharpen your competitive edge.

Contact us today to learn more about our software enablement, optimization, training, ongoing support, and admin staffing solutions.


Here's what our clients say about us!

They were a god-send! They came in saw the problem and helped our team set up an organized customer service solution using Zendesk in just a few days. AMAZING!

Jeremy B

Founder JB Investments

One of the best experiences with an independent contractor that I have had past several years. They are experts in the design and development of Zendesk platform. They helped us to decide the process, educated us on how to use the platform and taught our team how to make future changes to our workflow. they completed their work on time and on budget.

Saeed F

CIO at MVP Advisory Group LLC

We could not say enough good things about A Gratton's Edge Inc, from their technical talent to their wonderful attitude. Highly recommended!

Mark P

Founder at Growth Shop

They have been an incredible asset to our team and we're excited to continue our working relationship in a new capacity. They have grown to become an extremely experienced and competent Zendesk master, and we hope to make more focused use of those skills. Highly recommend A Gratton's Edge Inc - one of the best!

Sabina A

Sr Director of Engineering at Ergeon


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